NBA Playoff Format


So for those that don’t know I (Mike) am a pretty big NBA fan.  To be a bit more specific I’m a New York Knicks Fan (I’ll wait for you to finish laughing at me!) so a topic like the playoffs doesn’t mean much to a Knicks fan. In case you haven’t heard we suck pretty bad so the playoffs are just a pipe dream for us FOR NOW!

This is less about the Knicks and more about the current playoff format that the NBA has been using since I began watching NBA basketball. Eastern conference teams play against each other in a 3 round playoff, Western conference teams play against each other in a seperate 3 round playoff. The winner from each of those conferences play against each other in a best of 7 series and that determines your champion.

Over the past 3/4 years it seems like the same 2 teams play for the championship, the Golden State Warriors (western conf) vs the Cleveland Cavaliers (eastern conf). Best player in the world Lebron James vs the best team in the league.  Some may say that Lebron & the Cavs have a much easier road to the championship round than teams in the western conference. I’m sure there may be some that disagree but they know! lol

See the for the casual fans that like to see the most popular players in the championship its great. But for a fan like me that watches games for the entire season. I’m more interested in seeing the 2 best teams compete for the championship. To me exciting games would bring more of the casual fans. The league already has my type of fan locked in for what seems like the entire 2 1/2 months worth of playoff games. What any league or any content creator  is looking for is growth, new viewers and new consumers.

What better way to do that than to eliminate the East vs West format and go with the best 16 teams in terms of season record.  That would ensure that in every round of the playoffs you’re seeing the very best teams compete.  Purest will say that this will never work. travel would be a nightmare with some teams having to fly cross-country several times in a 2 week span, but lets be honest these teams fly private, eat the best foods, have the best trainers and doctors. and they are making millions to play a game!

Under Commissioner Mike’s new NBA Playoff Format the match ups may look something like this.  The only terrible travel schedule looks like it may be Utah vs Washington. Don’t want to have that match up? play better during the reg season! lol


1 Houston vs 16 LA Clippers

2 Warriors vs 15 Denver

3 Raptors vs 14 Philly

4 Boston vs 13 Minnesota

5 Portland vs 12 San Antonio

6 OKC vs 11 New Orleans

7 Clevland vs 10 Indiana

8 Washington vs 9 Utah


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